About Us


Monjeloco Jean is a new woman’s clothing store in St. Albert, specializing in Colombian and Brazilian jeans. Our “lift-the-butt” and “tuck-the-tummy” innovative cut is one-of-a-kind. The jeans are designed to enhance a woman’s figure and embrace her natural curves by raising the rear and flattening the stomach.

This high quality product is characterized by being hand-treated to produce its one of a kind appearance. The varied shades, textures, and unique details are part of the individuality of the garment. Inspired by the famous beaches in Brazil, this concept is full of color, dynamism and sensuality, highlighting the Latin beauty in every woman. The jewels in our jeans are hand crafted and authentic, using high-quality rhinestones that add a shining, modern and romantic detail.

Along with our jeans, we carry blouses, shorts, skirts, dresses, bathing suits, and accessories. We follow the European fashion, which gives us the lead in the newest, cutting-edge trends. Monjeloco is a boutique style store that aims towards bringing innovative designs, comfort, style and distinction to St. Albert, focusing on exceptional customer service.
Proudly made in Colombia.


Monjeloco Jeans are made in Medellin, the industrial city of Colombia. We are part of the Free Trade Agreement between Canada and Colombia. The factories working alongside Monjeloco Jeans are committed to making a difference in style, design, and comfort, with special dedication to social programs that give jobs to women head of a home (single mothers) as the main employees. These factors also add to the great value of the general service attitude in all of their personnel.

“I was born and raised in Colombia, I encourage you to come experience the Latin Look: Levanta Cola! I truly believe it will surpass your expectations of a perfect fit.”

Raquel Lozano, owner of Monjeloco Jeans.If you wish to find out more about Monjeloco Jeans, please contact us by clicking here.